We love to travel and to find people and businesses that are contributing to social change and environmental protection. We want to do more than see, talk and write about it. We contribute our skill set as sustainability consultants to actively bring people and organizations closer to their goals.

Having worked for over 6 years in sustainability consulting in Germany we have worked with a wide range of organizations on sustainability strategies, developing new measure and internal as well as external communication. We now apply this know how to support individuals and organizations we meet along the way. Our consultations focus on three main areas:


We find out your goal: the change you want to see happen and the impact you want to make. This goal can be a vague as ‚I want to make my business more environmentally friendly, but I don’t know where to start‘. It tells us where you want to go. We can work with that.

We find out where you currently stand: we develop a list of measure you are already taking and look at the current running of your organization. This can also include us calculating your CO2 emissions (Carbon Footprint).

We then take a bird’s-eye view: what still needs to happen to get you to your goal and make a plan to get you there.


Depending on your goal there are many action steps we can work on together. These include:

  • develop an organizational understanding of social responsibility and environmental protection
  • management workshops to develop a sustainability concept for the organization
  • brainstorm new action steps, set timelines and responsibilities for implementation
  • staff training in the meaning of sustainable development and your organization’s actions





Communicating the abstract concept of ‚sustainability‘ well is a challenge for many. We can make sure you find the right tone and language to communicate your good deeds effectively to your target audience.

For some of your most impactful measure you will need the voluntary cooperation of your customers. The communication can be a tricky balance.
We look at ways to reinforce desired behaviors through positive and effective communication.



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